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Games People Play

A sexy stylized drama about the highstakes world of the NBA where everyone—players, wives, mistresses, reporters and agents—plays to win. A calculating wife trying to protect her empire, a tenacious journalist desperate to rebuild a tarnished career and a scandalous groupie looking to become a star find it’s murder trying to stay on top. All’s fair in love, sex and basketball.

Soul Food: The Series

Soul Food: The Series was an adaptation of the 1997 hit film SOUL FOOD.  The series follows the triumphs, struggles, and rivalries of the Josephs, a tight-knit African American family living in Chicago, Illinois.  The series originally aired 74 episodes on Showtime and won numerous NAACP awards including multiple NAACP Awards for Best Drama series. It was the first hit drama that featured an African American cast.   


Deion’s Family Playbook is the fun-filled and compelling real-life story of Deion Sanders, the only pro athlete to ever play in both a Super Bowl and a World Series. The show explores Deion as a single father raising five kids of his own, while also helping to raise five other children who live with him.

College Hill

A glimpse into the lives of eight HBCU students as they live, learn, love, laugh, and experience life as young adults together under one roof.

College Hill: Interns

What happens when a group of college students land prestigious internships in the hallowed halls of corporate America? Viewers are about to find out in this BET reality series that follows its cast of coeds through the foibles and frustrations of the professional workplace. Through hair-raising challenges, tense eliminations, and requisite hook-ups, it’ll be a rocky road on the way to success.

Lil Kim: Countdown to Lockdown

Cameras follow Kimberly “Lil’ Kim” Jones during the final days two weeks before turning herself in to the U.S. Marshals to serve her 366-day prison term. Jones was convicted of federal perjury and conspiracy charges emanating from a 2001 shooting between her rival Foxy Brown’s entourage and her own.

DMX: Soul of a Man

You know about DMX; the rapper, actor and controversial figure always in trouble with the law. Now meet Earl Simmons, up close and personal. Find out about his inner demons and what drives him and what makes him: the Dark Man X.

Stage Black

10 contestants (five men and five women) compete for roles in Talbert’s new play Love in The Nick of Tyme, starring Morris Chestnut and R&B recording artist Avant.  The winners, one man and one woman, will also win featured roles in an upcoming Talbert production and be a part of its national tour, where they will perform on some of the biggest stages in the country. But in the business of show business, it’s not all fun and games.


MANIAC MAGEE Drama | TV Movie | Nickelodeon

Maniac Magee is the television film broadcasted on the Nickelodeon network in 2003, based on the novel of the same name by Jerry Spinelli. The story follows twelve-year-old Jeffrey Lionel “Maniac” Magee, an orphaned runaway with many extraordinary and athletic talents, who arrives in a town divided with racial conflict.

WITH THIS RING Romantic Comedy | TV Movie | Lifetime

After attending their friend Elise’s (Sudano) wedding on New Year’s Eve, Trista (Hall), a career-­driven talent agent, Viviane (Scott), a successful gossip columnist, and Amaya (Cooper), a struggling actress, make a pact to get married within the year to either a new love or a man waiting in the wings. But the close friends face […]

Jumping the Broom Romantic Comedy | Film

You are invited to the marriage of Sabrina Watson (Paula Patton, Precious) and Jason Taylor (Laz Alonso, Fast & Furious), who just might be the perfect couple. Unfortunately, their families are a perfect recipe for disaster. Mrs. Watson (Angela Bassett) has an upper-crust sensibility that matches her family’s Martha’s Vineyard estate, where Jason’s straight-out-of-Brooklyn’s mom […]

Josie and the Pussycats Comedy | Film

Discover the sexy all-girl rock band that’s a national sensation. “The purr-fect mix of sexy, cool comedy,” says KMAX-TV. Hot newcomers Josie (Rachel Leigh Cook), Melody (Tara Reid), and Val (Rosario Dawson) are three small-town musicians with big dreams but little future. Then fate gives the Pussycats the change of a lifetime when band manager […]

Punks Comedy | Film

The never-ending search for Mr. Right takes a surprise detour into totally unexplored territory with “Punks.” This sparkling, rhythm-and-blues-driven romantic comedy is the story of four close-knit friends trying to find that mythical relationship that will finally make things right. But if you think that sounds familiar, think again, because “Punks” is the first-ever comic […]

Light it up Drama | Film

In this dazzling leading-role, recording artist Usher Raymond plays Lester, the troubled teen who has finally been pushed to his limit. Taking matters into their own hands, Lester and his friends hold a police officer (Forest Whittaker) hostage and barricade themselves inside the school. Negotiator Audrey McDonald (Vanessa Williams) struggles to maintain peace while tensions […]

HAV PLENTY Romantic Comedy | Film

From the producers of the smash hit SOUL FOOD comes HAV PLENTY, a hilarious look at love and sex that charmed audiences and critics alike. For struggling novelist Lee Plenty, the only thing sorrier than his writing career is his love life. That is, until Lee’s old college friend, Havilland, invites him to her home […]

New In Town Romantic Comedy | Film

Lucy Hill (Renee Zellweger) is an ambitious, up and coming executive living in Miami. She loves her shoes, she loves her cars, and she loves climbing the corporate ladder. When she is offered a temporary assignment – in the middle of nowhere – to restructure a manufacturing plant, she accepts the opportunity, knowing a big […]

Good Luck Chuck Romantic Comedy | Film

Dane Cook stars in this hilarious comedy about the luckiest guy on earth. Meet Charlie Logan (Cook), he’s a good luck charm and women are guaranteed to find true love after they sleep with him. But what seems like a blessing feels like a curse when he meets Cam (Jessica Alba), the girl of his […]

Soul Food Drama | Film

Sunday dinner at Mother Joe’s (Irma P. Hall) is a mouth-watering, 40 year tradition. As seen through the eyes of her grandson Ahmad (Brandon Hammond), love and laughs are always on the menu, despite the usual rivalries simmering between his mom Maxine (Vivica A. Fox) and her sisters Teri (Vanessa Williams) and Bird (Nia Long). […]


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The Choir

Issa Rae the creator and star of the hit HBO series INSECURE and the web-series The Mis-Adventures of Awkward Black Girl brings to you, The Choir… a dramedy that follows the United Church of Holy Christ in Fellowship’s choir as they attempt to rebuild their dying congregation. Join the church choir as they band together to try to find new, innovative – sometimes inappropriate — ways to make the church thrive as it once did!

Walk this Way

Michael K. Williams (Boardwalk Empire, The Wire) stars in this offbeat comedy as the pastor of a megachurch who seeks to counsels his parishioners with their unusual problems. Tune in for surprise guest stars!

Ms. Right

DeRay Davis (Jumping the Broom, 21 Jump Street) goes on a series of blind dates with the most undesirable candidates in hopes of finding Ms. Right.

Mr. Right

Taryn Southern (American Idol, Hot4 Hill) goes on a series of blind dates with the most undesirable candidates in hopes of finding Mr. Right.